Paris je t’aime: Onion Soup

Paris je t’aime: Onion Soup

It must be true what they say about French women not getting fat, I lost a few pounds of my own during the Paris trip. It must have been all the walking (and the expensive food prices) because it certainly wasn’t my diet. Loads of bread, butter, cheese, pastries, nutella, whole milk, etc.

My first meal in France was a big bowl of onion soup with lots of melty gruyere and bread. I had it almost everyday from then on. It was the perfect remedy to the bitter cold weather.

I think I’ll make onion soup for dinner sometime this weekend following the Williams-Sonoma recipe. I just need the fancy bowls to match!

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  1. e at 5:42 pm

    when i was in rome for six months i lost weight even though i ate three heaping servings of pasta a day, and gelato every night. ever since then, i try to walk or bike everywhere at home so i can eat all sorts of yummy things like onion soup with cheese.

    that recipe sounds delicious!

  2. Katie at 6:03 pm

    I made the most scrumptious onion soup out of my bon appetit a couple of months ago. No cheese, but REALLY delicious!

  3. Sara at 6:04 pm

    oh yum, i love that stuff!

    i also lost some weight when i moved over, despite the fact that my diet includes large hunks of cheese, bread slathered with butter, etc. i think part of it is the portion sizes, part of it is the walking, and part of it is the absence of a snacking culture (people look at you funny if you walk down the street eating something)

  4. amber at 9:50 pm

    that sounds SO good on this cold Sunday afternoon. Maybe I’ll make that tonight…